Project Name: “Vamos al Bosque”

Objective: Create a final piece of your own.

Goal: Composite in Photoshop with different images of a Portrait, Trees, Grass, Branches and leafs to create pictorial photograph.

Effect: Cartoon like photograph.

Methodology: The process of creating this piece goes as follows. First step was shooting the subject and collecting the right photographs to create the piece. Once I shot the pictures I modified them in Photoshop extracted what I need in each of them and put them in layers. Second step was working with the portrait image of my sister Elizabeth. I adjusted her look using HDR. Using the HDR toning gave the images finer detail and brighter colors. Next step was bringing in the background. I used a forest outline to create the trees of the image. Once I had the shapes and position of the trees I used the pattern stamp to create the tree texture. Next step was to change the color of the branches in foreground to purple. The final step was to duplicate the tree leafs in order to create a fuller branch.

How Tools Where Used:

Portrait – The clone stamp was used to fix some blemished and some shading in order to create a more softer and even tone skin. The Brush Tool was used to paint over the lips of the portrait and give it a pinker tone. Using the transparency adjustment I was able to give it the right amount of color desired. The HDR Toning tool was used to create more definition in her hair. The sharpening tool was used over her eyes to make them more defined.

Background- The Pattern Stamp was used to create the texture on the trees. The burn tool was also used on the edges of the trees to give it shade on the sides. The clone tool was used to clone the grass and create a more unified grass from the grass in the foreground with the background grass.

Challenges-The biggest challenge with this piece was having clean edges. There were many layers in this piece. The clean edges had to be corrected because there was a lot of contrast with the darker and lighter colors. The imperfect cuts where very visible, editing each layer was very important.

Results: I am very pleased with this piece. I love the feel of the art work the colors are very vivid. This has been one of my best this semester as well. The composition for me was broken down really well. The use of texture of the trees is very detailed. The image overall is very detailed.


One thought on “LAST PROJECT

  1. I saw you doing this in class and thought I was so pretty. I love how it looks kinda cartoon-ish. The background looks great i really see your work in every photo don’t to the last piece. the composition is good too.

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